Resilient and effective.

Resilient and effective means of vehicle and visitor entry control.

The Dofygate provides a resilient and effective means of controlling entry be it for safety reasons on to a construction site, entry control onto a campsite or biosecurity on to a poultry unit. More recently as part of the means of controlling the spread of virus within a Coronavirus protection plan. With the experience Dofygate has gained elsewhere we have a ready made solution for businesses where access control is part of the short or long term risk control plan to deal with devastating virus outbreak.

Controlled entry on a construction site

Access control on construction site

Controlling entry onto building site in Cambourne

A recent visit to sites that have had a Dofygate in place for some time demonstrates the resilience and effectiveness of the system.

ECL Civils have just opened up a new site at Cambourne and moved the Dofygate purchased 18 months ago from a site just completed to the new location. We visited the site to give the barrier a once over and aside from replacing a bent door there was little to do. In this new location the barrier will normally be operated by a Banksman near bye. When he/she is not present control can take place from the site office about 120m away using our long range transmitter fob.

Access control on a camping and caravan site

Access control onto Camping and Caravan site

Controlling entry onto a camping and cabin site near Ipswich

Cosy Camping have had a Dofygate in place with keypad entry and auto open since February 2017 and a service visit was requested for a problem with the gate motor. This can be sorted out by the customer using a part delivered within 24 hours but in this case the customer wanted us to carry out the simple repair. It is unusual for Dofygate to cause a problem but should one happen which is inevitable with every mechanical device we, the manufacturer are quick to respond.


Biosecurity on a poultry site

Biosecurity on Poultry site

Controlling entry for biosecurity near Acle Norfolk

So far Biosecurity has revolved around controlling traffic into poultry units as part of their disease prevention protocols. Where vehicles pass through an auto wash it is important to control speed and ensure the vehicle stops for the driver to dip their shoes if they exit the vehicle while inside. Where an auto wash is not in operation then the Dofygate can ensure they stop and carry out a manual wheel wash.

Dofygate fills in the most vulnerable point of any biosecurity system being the point of entry. It is of little use if that point is controlled by a barrier left open because it operates to slowly or if the barrier itself is inappropriate to the location for safety reasons. The Dofygate can only exert a light touch should in any circumstances and safety sensors prevent even that.

Our unique gate / barrier opens in just 3.5 seconds so bio security is maintained AND normal day to day activities can carry on unhindered.

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