The weak point of most animal containment or exclusion areas is the gate.  This version is fitted with the unique DOFYGATE energiser that provides a shock when the gate is touched. Suitable for :-

  • Dogs –Keeps dogs in and safely away from traffic.
  • Dairy cows – Easier management of scraping and movements to and from parlour.
  • Cows and Calves – Simple access to pastures and calving paddocks.
  • Horses – Access to pastures or as a final barrier before the road.
  • Sheep (grazing) – The gates can be moved from post to post or use our mobile stand.
  • Sheep with lambs - Easy access to lambing paddocks
  • Otters and Badger exclusion – Maintains exclusion security at the vehicle access point without causing delays for staff and management.

What DOFYGATE offers that others systems do not

  • Fast – Opens or closes in under 5 seconds
  • Energiser – Built in and included. Designed specifically for the gate
  • No wires – Built in solar panel and battery designed to work throughout the year
  • Mobile – Our gate can be moved if needed at another location or circumstances change.

The multi-bar version of DOFTGATE is designed to contain or exclude animals within or from a property while allowing easy access for vehicles or pedestrians. The extra bars tuck behind the gate in the open position so that the gateway remains unimpeded and the open gate does not take up much more space than the post it sits on.

For more information on the unique DOFYGATE energiser click here.


Animal Table Jpeg
  • Fobs (two provided others can be tuned in at any time)
  • Keypad entry (coupled with button or auto-open exit)
  • Phone entry (call the gate from mobile or landline to open – no call charge)
  • Timed opening (opens for specific times in the day)
  • Intercom (Wireless range of 200m)