It took less than an hour to set up both barriers and provide instruction to the gate keeper who operated the two hire barriers independently using our standard remote control. We provided an extremely easy to install cost effective solution to solve a temporary traffic control problem.

Barrier Hire

Barrier Hire

Barrier Hire

Dofygate currently have Automatic Barriers on hire at the Cranswick chicken processing facility being built on the Eye industrial park. Visible from the A140 with a grand yellow framed frontage the facility is due to open late autumn. Sitting either side of what will be the new main traffic control office our two automatic barriers are controlling traffic in and out of the works area. The barriers are on hire to JH Vaudrey & Son being the main contractor and in place during the site construction and prior to fitting permanent mains powered barriers. The site will be operated by Cranswick one of the countries main chicken production companies. Dofygate offers Automatic barrier hire to the construction industry where fast and easy to install traffic control measures are needed to maintain site safety.

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