Biosecurity and traffic control for sensitive sites

Improving Biosecurity with Dofygate

It is simple enough to fence an area where bio-security is an essential part of the business but it is not so simple to control traffic entering the bio-secure area. Those authorised to enter the secure area fall into one of the following groups.

Controlling traffic into a poultry unit. Access using fob or telephone to open barrier
  1. Livestock managers
  2. Feed vehicles
  3. Vetinary persons
  4. Advisors
  5. Maintenance – company employees
  6. Maintenance – outside contractors
  7. Delivery and collection of livestock

The object of any entry system is to

  1. control access to those authorised to enter
  2. deter access by unauthorised persons or vehicles
  3. require any biosecurity measures such as wheel and boot washing to be carried out
  4. require any sign in procedures to take place

Access Control

We would normally supply livestock managers with fobs while other authorised entrant would use another means of entry, outlined below.

It is important that those requiring regular access or involved in day to day management are not hindered while carrying out their normal activities so the 3.5 second opening time is important. At the same time entry control is maintained. So coupled with automatic closing the gate is kept shut at all times.


Dofygate provide two remote control fobs with each gate purchased and each fob can operate 2 gates in close proximity. Alternatively any number of gates separated by 100m can be operated using the same fob button. Similarly all fobs can work all gates.


Keypad unit

Entry for all others, items 2 to 7 and enforcing A to D above can be achieved using either a simple button located at the signing in point or, more securely, a keypad both of which can be coupled with automatic opening on exit.


Where an automatic wheel wash is used it is important to stop vehicles passing over the automatic wash bar too quickly or even before it has started to operate. A Dofygate located in front of the automatic wash bar and opened using the mobile phone app allows entry while ensuring the vehicle cannot speed through or miss the wash. Auto open on exit is an option.

The fob and phone combination provides a simple, versatile and cost effective solution to traffic control,

Designed for Solar

All Dofygate solar electric barriers are powered from a solar charged battery. Unlike other barriers or gates Dofygate has been designed to be driven by a solar charged battery rather than imposing solar power onto an existing design.

7 Bar Dofygate controlling entry into poultry unit

Impact protection

The carbon fibre arms are extremely strong with an impact protection clutch that avoids breakage should a vehicle accidentally run into the barrier. The arm is simply reset by pushing back into position.

We can supply 2 bar versions of a Dofygate up to 6.0m, 4 bar versions up to 5.0m and 7 bar versions up to 4.2m. All our gates have the option of an electric shock unit intended for the inclusion of livestock or more pertinently the exclusion of pests such as dogs, badgers or foxes. This option is normally fitted to the 7 bar version there the bar spacings are appropriate for the animals quoted.


The cost of the Dofygate systems outlined above is modest and cost effective when considering a means of traffic control for biosecurity. Our cost is the only cost – no wiring to install, no driveway to dig up. The only thing not provided is the post the Dofygate sits on. Our adjustable fittings provided will clamp onto any post and the adjustment allows the gate arm to be levelled up afterwards,

One other trick up the Dofygate sleeve is our Wheely gate which comes with its own weighted stand. So no post is needed, no concrete or hardcore to dig up and relocate when needed.

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