Control of loading pad

Driver control of loading pad

Site safety Norfolk

Site safety with remote controlled gate

The problem of loading vehicles is often not knowing when they will turn up on the loading area. This is especially true when the loading area is remote or out of sight from the access point. Using a simple remote controlled Dofygate operated by the loader driver from his cab that problem is solved. Fewer opportunities for vehicles to come into contact with one another as control is now in place.

There are no gate options necessary here other than width as the fobs we provide will do

Concrete barrier fitting for gateeverything needed to make the system work.

Either you put up your own posts or use our mobile stands. If you wish we will provide a drawing of the stand so you could make your own. We can make them and supply for just £75 each plus VAT. We can also make specialist fittings if there is a need for the gate to fit on to a barrier for instance.

Concrete barrier fitting for gate