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Dofy Dog Gate press release to dog based papers and magazines Feb 2016

DOFYGATE Press release.   February 2016.   A company with new ideas about how to keep animals in or pests out while allowing you easy access.

A new type of electronic “dog gate” has been designed by an award-winning farmer inventor to keep pets at home . . . and safe.

Based on the original Dofygate (Driver Operated Farm and Yard Gate) – now used by livestock farmers across the country – it is the fastest opening and easiest to install electronic gate on the market. The DOFY Dog Gate allows easy access for drivers at the press of a button – and discourages your dogs from straying outside their own territory.

How does it work? A mild shock from the unique energiser will deter dogs but only if they touch the gate. And once they’ve learned, they keep away from the closed gate. The 7 bar gate opens in 3.5 seconds – so no delay for you making it easy to keep the gate shut.

The standard gate is opened and closed using a fob from the vehicle or a button on the gate cabinet. Alternatively automatic closing can be fitted that allows opening using a telephone or keypad.

The gate bars are made from light-weight carbon fibre tubes and power comes from a battery charged from a solar panel so no need to disturb the driveway as each unit is entirely self-contained. The DOFY dog gate uses a tiny amount of power – less than used by small LED indicator lights on electrical equipment – so even in the dullest of weather Dofygate keeps working.

It means that your dogs can enjoy the outside, providing further security for remote or isolated homes, knowing that they cannot get out through the gate. It is easy to install – no power cables are needed under driveways – and will prevent dogs from Terriers to Labradors and even Lurchers from getting outside their roam zone.

DOFYGATE has won backing from Innovate UK and Agritech and had marketing assistance from AF Innovate.

It is simply the fastest opening and easiest to use – plus installation is equally straightforward and quick too. The DOFY dog gate can be tailored to your requirements and can contain animals other than dogs. We have tailored one version to hold back Llamas and Rheas.

A DOFY dog gate with fittings and fobs is less than £2200 plus VAT. It is the latest in a series of gates starting from £875 plus VAT made for a range of applications from containing livestock or providing a barrier to access to private properties as well as the dog application.

Made in the former dairy of a family farm at Calthorpe, near Aylsham, it uses custom-designed parts to ensure the highest level of performance in all weathers. Even when the sun doesn’t shine, the DOFY dog gate keeps working until it does.

“Our new gate design offers an exciting future for this farm based company,” said farmer Jim Alston, who in conjunction with Design engineer Oliver Chastney has spent five years perfecting their Dofygate designs.