The New Vision for Automatic Rising Arm Barriers

Our product is not a conventional rising arm barrier – it looks different because it folds in half as it opens. This cuts down the height when open, means the barrier is always within sight and requires less power to open and close. Solar powered, lightweight and durable – Dofygate can be deployed quickly and easily without the need for a power source.

It is a remote-controlled barrier as standard but can be customised with various opening methods such as Keypad/fob entry, telephone entry or intercom with automatic opening on exit. The solar-powered and mobile nature of the system allows it to be used in a wide range of locations without the need for external power sources or fixed installations.

Safety at its Core

  • The 100m range of the transmitter provides flexibility allowing the barrier to be operated from the loader or another vantage point.
  • The barrier come from the side, rather than from above so it is always in line of sight.
  • Dofygate has overload detection built into its software and withdraws if the arm meets an obstruction.
Dofygate 3
Dofygate 3

Solar Powered Barrier Gate

  • Dofygate looks different because it is – the design process started with the solar panel and every element was added after that.
  • It works all year on a solar charged battery. In very dull months there may be the requirement to charge the battery 1-2 times but no more than that.
  • No wires – everything is within the unit itself, meaning there are no civils needed.

Mobile Vehicle Barrier

  • Compact design & lightweight structure that can easily be moved around site to different fixing points or via a wheeled stand.
  • Self contained so no wires; just lock the arm and you are ready to go.
  • The barriers integrated carry handles make it easy to lift with a weight of only 25 kg including the battery.
Dofygate 3
Dofygate 3

Tough Rising Arm Barrier

  • Collision protection – An impact clutch avoids damage to the barrier arm if accidentally hit. Simply pull the arm back into place to reset.
  • With features such as arm lock and tough covers, the carbon fibre arm construction combines high strength with lightweight, making it durable and easy to handle.
  • It is built to resist harsh weather conditions.

Warranty for Peace of Mind

We have a full parts labour warranty for the first 12 months. We will continue to support the barrier after this period, with a capped repair cost for each unit. Please click here to find out more.

See how Dofygate can be setup in minutes

Dofygate arrives on the pallet ready to be set up in minutes. Firstly we take the maintenance pack (now sent in toughened case) and then lift the barrier onto the stand and attach two bolts to hold it in place. The wheeled base is then utilised to move Dofygate into position. The toughened cabinet can be opened to gain access to voltmeter and on/off switch. Release the arm lock and the barrier is ready for operation.

Dofygate 3 on site

Waste & Recyclying

Designed to create safe working environments and is ideal for use in yards, entrances for waste management sites, weighbridges, and many other applications.

Bio Security

This system is designed with a focus on biosecurity measures and can be deployed quickly in different settings such as agricultural facilities, research facilities, and quarantine zones.


Dofygate should work all year round without the need for charging. In prolonged dull periods there is a chance the barrier may require charging 1-2 times a year.
100m with the large transmitter & 50m with the keyring transmitter.
The solar panel charges a widely available 9 Amp/hour AGM Sealed Lead Acid Battery. If the barrier was in total darkness it would operate for around 3 weeks.
3-6m dependent on purchasing a single or pair of units.
A built-in clutch will allow the gate to swing away before it breaks. The carbon fibre arms are extremely strong and a degree of flexibility is built in elsewhere. In most cases the gate will survive unscathed. Where it does not it is very likely that it can be pulled back into shape. Survive-ability built in.
The gate is built to be mechanically robust with little or no maintenance. The main working parts are stainless steel with sealed bearings on moving parts. Sealed for life motor and circuit boards are robust and resistant to moisture incursion.
The standard transmitter will operate three gates within 100 metres of each other and any number of gates separated by more than 100m. All transmitters can work all barriers. Dofygate works best as a remote controlled barrier but there are other opening methods.

The keypad we offer has RFID capability from RFID keyring tags (often called fobs). The keypad, not the barrier, has RFID capability. The barrier itself can remember up to 50 remote control transmitters be they standard or keyring versions.

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