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A Dofygate is a barrier designed for solar power rather than a solar panel placed on an existing design. We provide wireless traffic (or people) control without the need for a power supply. An affordable cost effective solution.

Controlling traffic into and around school sites can be a challenge. The areas outlined below are examples of where some form of control will improve safety or avoid conflict.

  • One way system – Ensures the system is adhered to.
  • Safe crossing

    One way Entry and Exit system

    One way controlled entry and exit system at the Eye factory site during conmstruction

    points – Where students need to cross a busy internal road,

  • Parking – Maintaining parking areas for the staff or preventing unauthorised us of a school car park
  • Entry control – Into maintenance areas or restrict access to sensitive areas..
  • Biosecurity – In the new appreciation of disease control there are likely to be other instances where controlling entry into a property for biosecurity reasons is important.

What is a Dofygate and how can it manage these problems ?

The Dofygate was originally developed by us to allow single handed access into a cattle yard on farms for feeding and bedding down. The parameters laid down for this task created a unique barrier capable of managing traffic and people in many circumstances.

  • Self-contained – A solar charged battery provides the power. Power use is kept to a minimum. Our own control board sips the power, only turning components on when they are needed.Dofygate drawing
  • Safe – folding in half as it does with only a small motor the barrier is always within sight (not coming down from above) and no crush points with a post. Automatic closing sensors guard against inappropriate closure. In any event any contact between gate and a person or object is very light.
  • Lightweight and efficient to move – Light-weight carbon fibre and the action of folding in half keeps the centre of gravity low and the motor has less to lift.
  • Tough – An impact clutch absorbs any accidental impact to avoid a broken barrier arm should a vehicle make contact.
  • Mobile – originally the aim was to be able to move the gate from yard (winter) to field (summer) in the back of a pick-up truck. While the Dofygate can be in a fixed position, should the need to move it occur then that is easily accomplished. We offer our unique Wheelystands where true mobility is required..

    Wheelygate Traffic

    The new Traffic version of Dofygate on the Wheelystand

That is the what and this is the how

  • One way system – The Dofygate covers the internal road and is only opened from one side using either a button handy for the driver or the automatic opening system.
  • Safe crossing point – A vehicle is brought to a halt by the barrier which then opens convenient button or automatically using the auto open system. For older students the barrier can work in reverse so instead of being ‘normally down’ it is ‘normally up’ and the pedestrian activates the barrier.
  • Parking – Parking can be an area of conflict which a simple barrier removes. Dofygate offers. Keypad, Telephone, Intercom, auto open and transmitter fob so there is a system to suit any need.
  • Entry control - A Dofygate opens in 3.5 seconds so putting one in place will not affect normal operations. Maintenance areas contain items that may pose a safety risk so entry should be limited.
  • Biosecurity – Dofygate ha cut its teeth on poultry units

    Controlling disease on a poultry unit

    Controlling disease by controlling entry on a poultry unit

    where biosecurity is vital. The new world we will occupy post Coronavirus is likely to place more emphasis on disease control and spread. A Dofygate can enable this by creating control points where entry is limited or some form of action such as washing needs to take place prior to entry.

The different forms of Dofygate

  • The 2 bar version can be supplied as a single unit covering up to 3.0m. This is often all that is needed to control traffic and makes for a very efficient answer. In most instances the 2 Bar Dofygate works as a pair covering up top 6.0m
  • 4 Bar DofygateThe 4 bar version can be supplied up to 5.0m width for a pair. The extra bars are tucked behind when open. This version provides a more gate like look. Where the gap is not as wide as the Dofygate then the leaves are overlapped.
  • Opening options with Auto close fitted include Keypad, Phone, Auto Open, Intercom and Radio button

We expect potential customers to speak to us to match their requirements to our options combinations.