Enforcing a one way system

One way traffic system London

One way system Hertford

Ensuring a one way system works it is important that drivers unfamiliar with the system cannot make a mistake. This is especially true where exit disinfection or children are involved. By only allowing the gate to be operated from one direction it is impossible for a driver to make a mistake. We can also offer an auto opening system so the gate is no hindrance what so ever for those going the right way.

You may decide the traffic control required only needs one unit covering 3/4 of the road way allowing pedestrians to pass normally. In this instance it would be HALF the normal cost.

Relevant options include

  • Single unit widths of 2.3m, 2.5m, 3.0m
  • Standard pair widths of 4.6m, 5.0m, 6.0m

Auto options require auto close which uses IR sensors to look for obstructions prior to the gate closing

  • Wired button
  • Radio button
  • Automatic opening