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Farm Parks

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Restricted access gate to camping area

Llamas and Rheas Access gate

Controlled area Butterfly park


Gate to maintenance area



Farm parks create a multitude of challenges , one of which is controlling people and vehicles while allowing support and maintenance staff to travel unimpeded.

Trailer rides into enclosures may require an extra person to open and shut the gate but the remote controlled DOFYGATE allows the driver or ‘talker’ to operate the gate. The gate closes most of the gap in two seconds and is always within the natural field of vision of the animals.

An energiser is built into each cabinet where the gate is used for animal control and these produce an electric shock along the carbon fibre bars when the gate is touched. This deters the animals from interfering further. The shock is unique to the gate and cannot be used for any fencing.

Traffic control into or within a farm park is best carried out using the 2 bar or 4 bar DOFYGATE. Politely stopping visitors from wandering into maintenance or staff only areas while allowing those staff to pass in and out easily in any sort of vehicle.