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FCC Environment

FCC Environment needed a means of controlling bin and other lorries entering a tipping area. The weighbridge was some way away and out of sight so vehicles could arrive at any time and quite close together at busy times. The result was the shovel driver could have three or four vehicles on his pad at the same time making it difficult for him to work and made the job slower. A single Dofygate operated by the shovel driver now means he can control access. Not only is it safer but quicker as well.

Testimony : -Vicky Spink – FCC Waterdale Transport Manager

“We were looking for a solution to Traffic Management within a very busy Transfer Station, we were limited in terms of installing an electrically powered gate and also needed to avoid the requirement of a person to manually operate the barrier. After looking at a number of options we decided to have a Dofygate installed. The delivery and installation were both very quick and we found the product to be ideal for our needs – not only does it remove the requirement to have a person in place to operate but it also allowed for us to move it and reposition as necessary so it was very versatile”.

“In terms of H&S; whilst the gate itself is very lightweight and would not stop a vehicle from driving through, it has been incredibly effective in controlling the movement of vehicles on site and as such we invested in a second gate elsewhere in the depot to further improve our Traffic Management”.

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