For under £2000 plus VAT Dofygate can supply a solar powered barrier covering 4.6m complete with all the fittings you need to attach the barrier to any post or wall, two remote control transmitter fobs, built in solar panel and battery plus a battery charger in the unlikely event you need to top the battery up. The fittings provide considerable adjustment in two dimensions so you can easily create a level barrier or adjust it in the future should something knock the post out of line.

The arm is carbon fibre and all bearings are sealed and held in stainless steel housings. This arm is protected by a clutch that allows the arm to survive accidental impacts from vehicles.

The solar panel is built into the gate arm or part of the cabinet depending on the model chosen and in both cases can be twisted to point East, West ort South.

With no wiring needed the solar powered Dofygate provides a cost effective alternative to controlling access into or around a property.

Sample prices for 2019

  • 3.0m 2 Bar Dofygate £1247 plus VAT
  • 4.6m 2 Bar Dofygate £1995 plus VAT
  • 4.6m 2 Bar Dofygate with auto close and phone call opening £2245 plus VAT
  • 5.0m 4 Bar Dofygate with auto close, auto open on exit and keypad entry £2795 plus VAT
  • 6.0m Dofygate with Wheely Stands £2445 plus VAT
  • All gates come with fittings, fobs and battery (adjustable solar panel is built in) Many other options available