Barrier arm impact protection using an impact clutch

The clutch is located in the bottom of the cabinet and provides barrier arm impact protection. Both arm and cabinet swivel horizontally out of the way should a vehicle accidentally make heavy contact with the arm.


We set the clutch up when it leaves the workshop but the pressure at which the barrier arm will break away can be adjusted.

To reset the traffic barrier arm

Simply pull the barrier arm back into position. The clutch is a wheel ruining in a scalloped disc held in place by a spring. The arm will always re-locate in the correct position. This clutch can be used to lock the arm round at 90 degrees to normal should that ever be necessary. There is no limit on the number of times the clutch can be activated and reset.

This device was part of the original design of all Wheel-e-Gates, Inst-e-Gates and Beast-e-Gates manufactured by Dofygate. To see what happens to conventional barriers when they are hit click here....

The alternative we offer is not the conventional approach to traffic control.

Barrier arm impact protection