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New alarm system available for Dofygates

As we demonstrated at the recent LAMMA show at the NEC Dofygate’s Driver Operated gate now has an alarm system that will arm when the breakaway clutch is activated by say someone driving through the gate or the gate arm is lifted other than by normal operations.

The alarm is only active when the gate is down so is not activated by normal traffic flow and similarly it is cancelled using the standard fob.

This option comes in two forms :

DG alarm part 1- the alarm siren is in the gate cabinet so becomes part of the self contained gate unit. as standard a transmitter is fitted so part two can be added at any time.

DG alarm part 2- this can sit anywhere within radio range of the gate alarm transmitter (70m) and can sound a siren, bell and/or activate a telephone unit that will call and text one or more designated numbers. This unit can be powered from a standard 240v plug or by solar panels.

Built in alarm

Alarm system for a Dofygate