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Our 75th Electric Gate has been ordered

Dofygate has received an order for its 75th electric gate. This particular order is for traffic control with keypad and telephone opening coupled with automatic closing. we will be installing the gate to their posts.

Our gates are working from Scotland to Cornwall to Kent with 2 bars, 4 bars and 7 bars containing cattle, sheep and llamas as well as, in the most part, controlling traffic or people. The gates are supplied with fob, phone or keypad opening and automatic closing and we also have automatic opening and timed open/close.

They areĀ self contained meaning no wires have to be dug in to supply power and open in a speedy 3.5 seconds.

There is nothing like a Dofygate in the world of electric gates and nothing that opens or closes safely in less than 4 seconds – we are unique.

so if you want an automatic gate then we have the experience to supply a gate a fraction of the cost of alternatives when all costs are taken into account.

4 bar 1 reduced