Automatic Traffic Management Barriers

Dofygate’s innovative automatic traffic management barriers enhance safety, efficiency and traffic control.

Automatic Electric Traffic Barriers
Automatic Electric Traffic Barriers

Automatic Traffic Management Barriers

Dofygate’s innovative automatic traffic management barriers enhance safety, efficiency and traffic control.

A New Approach to Electric Barriers – Dofygate 3

Dofygate is the Remote Controlled Barrier utilised at Ingress, Yard, Loading Areas, Weighbridges & Egress. An electric barrier system for the management of traffic on Building Sites, Recycling & Waste Management Facilities, Road & Infrastructure Projects, Biosecurity & Events. Dofygate is a simple and effective solution.

Safe, Solar, Mobile & Tough Traffic Management

Dofygate 3 creates a safer working environment in a simple and flexible way. The integrated solar charged battery runs the barrier all year and the unique impact clutch protects the arm from collision damage.


Where possible we work with local suppliers to source components, which are then assembled at our workshop in the UK.


We supply several industries and apply the same level of technology and innovation to each.


Should you require assistance just pick up the phone. We will then either fix it with you or swap it out.

Barrier Solutions for Yard Management

Dofygate 3 is a key tool for bringing order and traffic management to yards, putting your team back in control of movements in the yard. This helps to keep the work area safe, reduce congestion and ensure that visitors are in the right place.

Automatic Electric Traffic Barriers
Automatic Electric Traffic Barriers

Multiple Applications Across Sectors

Learn how Dofygate 3 can be used across a wide range of sectors including Construction and House Building Sites, Waste & Recycling Centres, Road & Infrastructure Projects, Biosecurity and events.

Case Studies Working with our Customers

See a sample of our customers across various industries and how Dofygate is helping them promote workplace safety and improve the safe control of traffic onto and within their sites.

Automatic Electric Traffic Barriers
“Dofygate has provided us with brilliant equipment to use for pedestrian / mobile plant segregation. They are very helpful and give good information on the products. I would recommend the product to our other sites. Overall it has been a pleasure dealing with Dofygate and I am sure we will be using them again in the future.”
Graham Hutchinson, Site Manager Wilton Facility Blue Phoenix
“Dofygate was recommended to us by another company working in the waste sector. It has vastly improved the Health and Safety on site by reducing interactions between vehicles and pedestrians. The service provided by Dofygate has been second to none. I would highly recommend them for any site.”
Keven Nixon, AKS Skip Hire
“A true fantastic solution to traffic control which can be used in any industry. A great investment and I am positive we will be purchasing again in the near future.”
“We were looking for a solution to Traffic Management within a very busy Transfer Station, we were limited in terms of installing an electrically powered gate and also needed to avoid the requirement of a person to manually operate the barrier. The delivery and installation were both very quick and we found the product to be ideal for our needs.”
Vicky Spinks, FCC Waterdale Transport Manager
“We have used a Dofygate to stop customers wandering into the workshop areas of our site. The gate is operated by our store man from his office or our van based technicians and regular delivery drivers using their mobile phones.”
Ross Johnson, Ernest Doe, Wymondham

“We needed something to control delivery drivers during the working day as they tended to drive too quickly past an area children were using. The Dofygate has solved the problem as we can either use half the gate to allow pedestrians easy access but stop delivery drivers or the whole gate when the centre is shut.”

Alby Craft Centre, Alby, Norwich

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