Designed for solar


Mobile self contained electric gate or barrier

HIRE or Purchase

Construction sites and road projects

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2, 4 or 7 bar electric gate or barrier

Access control anywhere

Biosecurity, working areas and parking areas

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An electric gate for remote controlled access

Contain Dogs, Cattle, Sheep & park animals

Exclude Dogs, Badgers and Otters

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Safety Barrier

By Jim | 2nd October 2019

Accidental contact between a vehicle and pedestrian or employee is a major cause of injury in the work place. Looking only at accidents at work falling from height retains top spot when it comes to fatal or major injuries but transport accidents are second which includes being hit by a vehicle. Lowering the risk of…

Driveway Gates

By Jim | 2nd October 2019

A NEW APPROACH Controlling access into a property or area within a property is often not as straightforward as it first appears. A 5 bar wooden gate or wrought iron double leaf gate may look wonderful as a driveway gate but opening and closing them twice every time you enter or leave the property in…

Garden Gate

By Jim | 2nd October 2019

A garden gate is there for a reason and that is usually to keep people out or animals out or to keep children or animals in. We at Dofygate offer a means of doing this with ease allowing you to travel in and out of your property in your vehicle without the need to open…

Barrier Hire

By Jim | 26th September 2019

It took less than an hour to set up both barriers and provide instruction to the gate keeper who operated the two hire barriers independently using our standard remote control. We provided an extremely easy to install cost effective solution to solve a temporary traffic control problem. Dofygate currently have Automatic Barriers on hire at…

Biosecurity risks

By Jim | 26th September 2019

Bio Security Risks come in many forms but a significant means of cutting the Bio Security Risk on farms is to control access. Where the risk is animal incursion Dofygate offer a fast opening barrier with multiple electrified carbon fibre bars. Here our 7 bar gate is used to exclude badgers from this Dairy Unit…

Hands Free Hectare

By Jim | 13th June 2019

Dofygate is now part of the Hands Free Hectare project which is based at Harper Adams University. The autonomous tractor opens the gate to enter the Hands Free Hectare and the gate then closes automatically. Once closed the gate alarm is ‘armed’ and sends out a signal to indicate an unauthorised entry. This picture was…

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