2 Bar Electric Gate

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    • Opens or closes in just 3.5 seconds.
    • Remote control from fobs or from a full set of options.
    • The built in solar charged battery means no outside power is needed.
    • A Breakaway clutch absorbs heavy impacts.



  • Control access – Prevent unwanted, unauthorised or unexpected visitors from arriving on site.
  • Bio security – Control vehicles movements into or around vulnerable animal units.
  • Pedestrian crossing points – Create safe crossing points in works area or schools.
  • Site safety – Prevent traffic arriving unexpectedly into works areas
  • Control of loading pad – Allow the loader driver to take control of their own loading or tipping area.

Detailed description

An automated electric gate with remote control which uses a solar panel and battery as the power source. There are no power wires for you to dig in so your installation is greatly simplified.

The gate will provide you with a fast and convenient entry while effectively controlling the entry of unauthorised vehicles. You have a number of opening options including fob, keypad, RFID, telephone, timer and intercom. All the options can work independently or in combination to best meet your requirements.

The gate normally operates as a pair meaning each half communicates with the other when any is action initiated by the you. Should one half detect an obstruction then it will tell the other half to remain open. The unique folding action means that when the gate is open it does not occupy any more of your space than the gate post.  There are no wasted car parking spaces and slopes are not a problem.


Our gate can be fixed to any post using the clamp and adjustable bracket provided. If you have existing gate posts in place then our fittings will fit to your posts. A summary of the fitting instructions is provided for you in the useful info section of this website. Should you need to relocate the gate at any time then this is a simple process and does not necessarily require specialised help.

Health and Safety

RAMs and Risk assessments can be be provided as requested and where we carry out the install then site specific risk assessments are created.



Additional information

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2.3m single unit, 2.5m single unit, 3.0m single unit, 4.6m pair, 5.0m pair, 6.0m pair