4 Bar Electric Gate

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  • Opens or closes in just 3.5 seconds.
  • Integrated shock unit for animal control.
  • Extra bars for enhanced visibility or animal control.
  • Remote control fobs work with all other options.
  • No outside power needed. Built in solar charged battery.
  • Controlled from the vehicle or other opening device.
  • Breakaway clutch absorbs heavy impacts.



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A new approach to electric gates. The lightweight carbon fibre design allows very fast and safe opening while the solar battery combination means there is no need to dig up a driveway to provide power to the remote controlled gate.

This Driveway gate is a standard traffic Dofygate with an extra bar above and below plus diagonal supports all made from carbon fibre. The design provides an aesthetically pleasing look to the standard gate with a greater depth and visual presence. All the options available with the 2 Bar traffic gate apply apart from extra width over the standard 4.6 metres due to the extra weight.

Uses – Click to view

  • Biosecurity – The control of vehicles entering a sensitive site such as a poultry unit is an important part of biosecurity mneasures. Dofygate offers a simple and effective means of achievinbg this
  • Driveway – The look of the 4 Bar version is more conventional providing a gate like look while retaining the other unique attributes such as speed and automatic options
  • Cattle paddocks – with built in shock unit – The extra bars allow DOFYGATE to be used for the retention of larger animals such as Cows and Calves and Sheep without lambs. The carbon fibre bars and carbonised guards mean the complete Dofygate is live to the touch from the built in electric shock unit. This unit only produces a shock when the gate is touched so only uses a fraction of the power a standard fencer would use over 24 hours. Entry and exit using the supplied fobs is usually all that is needed

Opening options

  • Fobs (two provided others can be tuned in at any time)
  • Keypad entry (coupled with button or auto-open exit)
  • Phone entry (call the gate from mobile or landline to open – no call charge)
  • Timed opening (opens and stays open for specific times in the
  • day)
  • Intercom (Unit calls one or more pre-registered numbers who can authorise entry)

Width Options

  • 4.6 metres (pair)
  • 5.0 metres (pair)

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