7 Bar Electric Gate

£2,295.00 Exc. VAT

The weak point of most animal containment or exclusion areas is the gate.  DOFYGATE fills that gap. Suitable for :-

The standard package contains :-

  • 2 Gate units providing maximum width of 4.2 metres
  • 2 remote control fobs
  • 2 cabinet mounted buttons (can be disconnected)
  • 1 wired remote button (for the ‘blind’ side of the gate)
  • 2 sets of adjustable universal post/wall fittings



The weak point of most animal containment or exclusion areas is the gate.  This gate is fitted with the unique DOFYGATE energiser that provides a shock when the gate is touched. Suitable for :-

  • Dogs – Suitable for large and small dogs sited where vehicles enter and leave the property. This prevents time spent looking for dogs that have made their escape.
  • Sheep with lambs = Allows easy access to lambing paddock or enables grazing sheep to be part of a leisure facility.
  • Otters and Badger exclusion – The 7 bar gate is working at a competition fishing lake as part of an Otter proof enclosure and Nottingham University dairy research unit as part of the Badger exclusion fence.

What DOFYGATE offers that others systems do not

  • Fast – open or closes in under 5 seconds
  • Keeps dogs safe – without the hassle associated with a conventional barrier or the slowness of a normal electric gate.
  • Energiser – built in and included. Designed specifically for the gate
  • No wires – Built in solar panel and battery designed to work throughout the year
  • Remote control – All the options work with each other and you can be add options at any time.
  • Mobile – You can move Dofygate to another location if circumstances change.

The 7 bar Dofygate will contain or exclude animals while maintaining easy access. In the open position the extra bars tuck behind which maintains gateway width.

Each gate unit carries its own unique DOFYGATE energiser that provides a shock to an animal touching the gate. When the gate is open no shock is produced. The unit is extremely efficient consuming only 0.5 milliamps in detection mode.

The maximum width is 4.2 meters from post centre to post centre. If the gateway is less than this then the two halves of the gate can be overlapped.