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  1. DG2Alarm Part 1 consists of an Infra-red unit, transmitter and siren.
  2. DG2Alarm (mains) Part 2 receives the signal from Part 1 it sounds an alarm and sends a phone message to 4 nominated phones. Mains power supply.
  3. DG2Alarm (solar) As for mains but with a solar and battery power supply
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How it works

The alarm sensor sits under the gate using reflective RF . If the RF beam is broken and the gate is down then an alarm will sound at the unit. This alarm can be turned off. Linked to th ealarm is a radio unit that sends a signal up to 70m to an optional second unit that can do one or all of the following

  • Sound a second alarm or buzzer
  • Make a call and text message to designated phones
  • Activate a light
  • Link in with an existing alarm system

The Dofygate alarm comes in two parts.

  1. The part 1 unit consists of an infra-red beam, radio transmitter and switchable siren. The Infra-red beam across the gateway is active when the gate is down or in the closed position. If an intruder breaks the beam an alarm sounds and the transmitter sends a signal to a remote receiver. Part 1 will operate on its own. Opening the gate with the fob or other authorised device resets the alarm.
  2. receives the signal from Part 1, sounds a second alarm and sends a phone message to up to 4 nominated phones. The alarm can be reset using the gate fob or another authorised device. The Part 2 unit needs a power source from either a local 240v plug or a solar panel unit. Part 2 requires part 1. The connection between Part 1 and Part 2 is wireless with a range of 70m. The standard option is a siren and phone modem with flashing light and bell options.

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Part 1, Part 1 + Part 2 (Mains), Part 1 + Part 2 (Solar)