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Extra fobs – 2 fobs are provided with every gate unless otherwise agreed. These fobs are matched to the gate pre-delivery. Extra fobs can be added at any time and can be tuned in by the customer. Instructions for this are in the useful info menu item of this website.

Remote Button – A waterproof box measuring 85mm * 85mm * 40mm contains a 9v battery, transmitter with a button on the front that can be fixed in place. Where fitted in conjunction with the auto close option one button is present. when fitted to a standard DOFYGATE two buttons are present. One for up and one for down.

Auto close – a sensor linked to each of the gate units stops the gate closing if a vehicle is still in the gateway after 8 seconds. This must be fitted if telephone or keypad opening is required. The system will cope with unusual vehicles and the sensors do not rely on exact algnement with reflectors.

Phone opening – A mains powered call receiver activates a transmitter that sends an open signal to the gate that should be sited within 70 meters. While the receiver consumes very little power it is still to high to fit directly to the highly power efficient DOFYGATE. The unit will be supplied with a simm card fitted which provides the unit and therefore the gate with its own phone number. Call the gate and it opens with no call charge created as the unit rings off without answering. The unit can be set to operate in response to any number calling or only in response to a number that matches an approved list of up to 99 numbers. Approved numbers are added and deleted by text message. A solar powered version of the phone opening system is available and this can be put anywhere within 70 meters of the gate.

Keypad – When fitted to a gate without an energiser fitted the keypad is wired into the cabinet. when fitted to a gate with an energiser solar powered keypad is used. (The solar powered unit contains its own battery and transmitter). Due to the way we fit our energiser there cannot be a connection between a keypad that will be touched and the gate electronics. Either a keypad is placed on the public side of the gate with a remote button on the private side or a keypad is fitted both sides. It is not possible to have a keypad on both sides of a single unit unless one of the keypads is solar powered.

Auto open – opens the gate as a vehicle passes within 2 metres of the unit. Discriminates well against pedestrians and small animals. Will not discriminate against large animals (Cattle). Used in conjunction with keypad. Keypad entry and auto open exit. Can be used with a dog gate in all cases except very large dogs.

Intercom – Provides voice communication between a unit situated next to the gate and a handheld unit that can be located in a near bye building or office. The range for voice communication is about 100 metres but can vary. The range for the buzzer and gate opening from the hand held unit is in excess of 250 metres. Having identified the visitor the gate can be opened from the hand held unit.

Time clock – Fitted inside one of a pair of gates the clock can be set to on or off and the gate will open when the clock moves to on and closes when the clock moves to off. The clock has up to 10 settings either daily or weekly or weekends.

Signage – Our sister company Jemco Signs can provide bespoke signage that will fit neatly between the outer pair of bars. Sign size is 240mm wide and 180mm  tall. The signs are reflective both sides and of particular use to provide instruction for disease control or state the fact the area is not open to unauthorised persons or vehicles.

Stands – Freestanding with a standard security fencing type weight the stands can be used where the gate may niot be a permanent fixture or simply to test location. They may also be used where digging up concrete is not considered appropriate.


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