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4 bar format width 4.6m and 5.0m

7 bar format width is 4.2m.

Widths are measured from cabinet (or post) centre to cabinet (or post) centre with the gate arms meeting tip to tip. Where the gap is less then the arms are overlapped.

All Beast-e-Gates are supplied with

Barrier with integrated adjustable solar panel and internal battery

Post fittings that can be adjusted after fixing

2 remote control fobs

Energiser built into each cabinet providing an electric shock on touch (can be disabled).

Not all opening options (for range click here) are suitable with animals so please consult our office if automation is needed. We now supply all orders with a maintenance pack consisting of spare gate battery & charger (which you probably will not need), cabinet key, barrier arm levelling allen key and instructions in a labelled toolbox for your convenience.


The electric farm gate has been improved by Dofygate

What is an Beast-e-Gate

Built as an alternative to conventional electric farm gates the original Dofygate allowed drivers easy entry into yards of animals. Standard gates are either too slow or close from above which is out of sight of the animals. The electric farm gate is fast and has an electric shock unit incorporated to deter interference.More information on our energiser is here…. Extra bars manage variations in animal sizes so a 4 bar for cows and calves and a 7 bar for ewes and lambs.

The 7 bar Beast-e-Gate is ideal for dogs, to either keep them in or out. As part of a biosecurity measure this version also has a second use where farm dogs may pose a danger to poultry.

The adjustable post fittings fit to any post with ample adjustment allowing the electric farm gate arm to be levelled up after fitting. So designed for self installation, Beat-e-Gate is straight forward to install with no special tools needed. We offer an installation service as required.

For access control where mains power is out of reach or difficult to provide. In most outside locations the solar charged battery system will work throughout the year. Adjustment of the solar panel is both simple and  independent of the gate arm.

More than just an electric farm gate

  • Solar charged battery so no wires required
  • Remote control from 50m with standard fobs. (click here for fob options)
  • Impact protection so no damage from impacts. (click here)
  • Supplied fully assembled and ready to control traffic
  • Adjustable post fittings suitable for any post are included
  • 2 remote control fobs with every Inst-e-Gate (more available)
  • Built in energiser to provide a shock when touched (click here)

Impact protection

The impact protection clutch is the same as the standard barrier and protects the arm against vehicle impact. So if  a vehicle makes contact the arm will move out of the way without damage. To reset simply pull the arm back into place. The carbon fibre arms are extremely strong and do not bend so the look of the gate is not harmed buy the occasional accident. More information here….

Examples of where the Beast-e-gate is providing safe entry and exit.

  • Robotic milking – allowing access to a robotic milking machine 24/7
  • Containing dogs – allowing dogs the run of the yard without risking them getting onto the road
  • End of drive stop – a last stop at the end of a drive to stop escaped animals getting onto the road
  • Biosecurity – Poultry units to control access and stop dogs and other animals entering
  • Badger or otter exclusion from secured areas of livestock
  • Sheep exclusion from private gardens where the obligation is on the householder

An earlier example of the Beast-e-Gate features in the video below

Used on the

A14 improvement project

Cosy Camping

Heath Mount School



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