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Suitable for Driveways to prevent casual visitors, people control, yard access and controlled access to restricted areas.

  • The co-ordinated pair of units opens or closes in just 3.5 seconds
  • Fob only operation or phone,keypad or remote button opening with automatic closing
  • Does not require any outside power source or any wires to or between gate posts
  • Controlled from the vehicle
  • Built in solar panel and battery designed to run all year
  • Breakaway clutch absorbs heavy impacts
  • 5 meter total span post centre to post centre
  • Supplied with all fittings and two fobs.

NOTE 2.5 meter unit not available with two keypads.

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Automated electric gate with remote control and no wires to install. Our solar powered gate comes complete.

Designed to provide easy access to those who should be on site and discourage those who should not. Dofygate can fixed to any post with a face or diameter in excess of 125mm and the adjustable bracket enables the gate to be easily aligned. Using a lightweight construction based on carbon fibre bars and the gate is extremely efficient with a standby power requirement of less than 5 milliamps.

The gate operates as a pair with each half communicating with the other and folds in half as it opens. This means that when open the gate does not occupy any more space than the gate post which can free up parking space in some situations. The motion of the gate means that it is not affected by any slope and neither is it affected by the wind yet remains safe at all times.

It takes just 3.5 seconds to fully open or close which means there is no waiting around and no interference with normal daily duties while maintaining an obstacle to the unwanted visitor.

Supplied in its standard form with two fobs and all the fittings or in automatic closing form that allows the gate to be opened using a phone, keypad.or a remote fixed button.

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Non Auto, Phone, Keypad entry & button exit, Keypad entry & auto open exit


2.3 meter single unit, 4.6 meter pair of units, with width extensions