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Our energiser is unique to Dofygate.

Only spends power when needed, being when the gate bars are touched.

Built into each cabinet.

Supplied in situations where the gate contains or excludes animals.

Suitable for

  • Containing or excluding dogs
  • Access to cattle or sheep pens
  • Access to farm park animal enclosures
  • Exclusion of badgers
  • Exclusion of Otters

Provides a shock to an interfering animal

Uses only 0.5 milliamps in detection mode


Dofygate energiser

Our energiser has been developed by us for use with the Beast-e-Gate.

  • Built into each cabinet
  • Supplied in situations where the gate contains or excludes animals
  • Provides a shock to an interfering animal
  • Uses only 0.5 milliamps per hour in detection mode
  • Shock sequence of one 4kV shock is followed by 2*7kV shocks
  • The danger of electric shock ? more here…   and here,,,,,

How it works

If the shock on an electric gate is too strong then the animals are fearful of the space so animals are reluctant to pass through when opened. Not strong enough and the animals will interfere and push against the gate.

The Dofygate shock unit was developed to provide a shock that is just right. Field trials and experience have determined that our shock unit will work for cattle sheep dogs, horses, Llamas and Rheas.

When an animal touches the gate arm the resultant earth triggers the shock sequence. The sequence involves a series of three shocks in ascending voltage then resets.

Detection mode is active 99.9% of the time. Our shock unit runs in detection mode at 0.5 milliamps as opposed to 20 to 50 milliamps consumed by standard low power energisers. The shock unit consumes the same amount of power as standard energisers when a shock is produced.

How it fits in

The original purpose of a Dofygate was to enable single handed easy access into a cattle yard. All Dofygates come with the space for the unique energiser we developed. The Beast-e-Gate is a brand name for what we started out with. So each cabinet of a Beast-e-Gate has its own energiser and each are self contained in respect of how and when they deliver a shock.

Each shock unit is potted meaning the whole shock supplying board is encased in a compound completely sealing the unit against any moisture. To allow the other electronics to function normally we wire the energiser unit slightly differently so the motor board and solar panel are protected from the shock when it is applied.