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Mobile Barrier Hire

£25.00£100.00 Exc. VAT

Suitable for traffic control

  • On building sites
  • Temporary works areas
  • Bio-secure areas
  • Restricted zones

Each unit comes with

  • Gate unit(s) with battery and fob
  • Cabinet mounted button for local operation. this can easily be de-activated.
  • A stand per gate unit with weight
  • Spare battery, instructions and key for adjustments

Initial charges that apply to every hire agreement

  • £150 initial charge that also covers the first week.
  • Travel charged at £2 per mile from Norwich covering both delivery and collection plus setting up.





For establishing traffic control on building sites, temporary works areas, bio-secure zones, shows or events. We provide a portable gate that is entirely self contained and will operate all day without attention.

Dofygate has a built in capacity of 2000 open/shut cycles on battery alone. Add a sunny day and the built in solar panel will add 50 cycles every hour to the existing capacity. With continuous use (60 cycles per hour) the battery the battery may need changing after three days which is a simple exchange and we provide the spare.

A built in clutch in the base of the unit means that should contact take place between a vehicle and the gate. The gate will swing away before any significant damage is caused.

Supplied fully assembled and ready to go complete with a stand and weight. If the gate needs moving then it is separated from the stand and no part weighs more than 22 kg. Setting up a pair of gates covering 4.6 metres takes a few minutes. In some cases a single unit is sufficient.

The hire price represents the cost of hire and includes service.

An initial hire charge covering the first week applies to all hirings.

Delivery and collection are charged as appropriate to the location. Hire units can be collected if you wish.

Call 01263 493102 for more information or contact jim@dofygate.co.uk

Additional information

Gate hire



weekly, monthly

Delivery and collection

Collected from Dofygate, Delivery 100 miles from NR11, Delivery up to 200 miles from NR11, London and suburbs