DofyGate 3 – Hire Mobile Solar Barrier

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Width options 3.0m single unit with stand,or the 6.0m twin pair. Overlap to suit gap.

Supplied with

  • Barrier including solar panel and battery
  • Stands with wheels and weights
  • Remote control fob(s)
  • Maintenance pack

A single charge covering both collection and delivery is made at the beginning of the loan period and covers delivery and collection and represents the minimum charge.

We offer a competitive, versatile, simple to install product. Instant traffic control anywhere. Please contact our office for further details or information about longer term hire or a large quantity of units. In some cases you may be refereed to a Dofygate approved reseller.

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Please return the agreement after making your purchase – prices based on up to 30 days hire. For longer periods please contact us.



Solar Mobile Barrier Hire

The hire package contains the remote controlled traffic barrier, stand with wheels, hi viz signage on the barrier arm and a maintenance pack. We include a maintenance pack, which you may not need as if there was an issue we would likely send you a new one but it is there to help us troubleshoot issues if needed.

  • Spare barrier battery (for peace of mind)
  • Spare fob battery
  • Charger
  • Cabinet key
  • Allen key to level barrier arm if placed on un-level ground
  • Instructions all in a clearly labelled toolbox

Why a DofyGate 3 provides a real alternative

Our traffic control barrier provides wireless remote control, impact protection and mobility all in one package. So a real alternative to expandable safety barriers or where plastic barriers are dragged back and forth. Therefore to control unauthorised access into works areas there is nothing like a Wheel-e-Gate.


The DofyGate 3 can be loaded complete onto flatbed transport if a tail lift is available or to transport using a van the barrier is separated from the stand so simple to move.  The video below demonstrates just how easily it is to set the gate up.

Impact protection

An impact clutch avoids damage to the barrier arm if accidentally hit. Simply pull the arm back into place to reset. Carbon fibre arms provide toughness. rigidity and strength where it is needed so the arm can withstand significant impacts. More information here,,,,,,,

The Wheel alternative for traffic barrier hire

  • Solar battery power so no wires required.
  • Remote control from 50m with standard fobs. (click here for fob options)
  • Impact protection.
  • Mobile and as a result set up in minutes.
  • Supplied fully assembled and ready to control traffic.
  • Fob operation is usual for Hire but other options can be provided (click here)

The Wheel-e-gate was developed for construction sites but has since been taken up by other industries. Where there is an immediate requirement to control traffic a Wheel-e-Gate provides the answer. This alternative also removes the need to dig holes or install fixings into hard surfaces.

Where DofyGate 3 is being used now.

  • Construction sites – controlling access onto site. (click here for video)
  • Demolition and land reclamation sites – controlling access onto site.
  • Waste recycling sites – loader driver controls access into his working area. (click here for video)
  • Distribution facilities – preventing access onto loading areas.
  • Weighbridges to control entry and speed of entry

What is New or improved with DofyGate 3 compare to previous models?

1. Motor Protection – prevent motor damage if the arm is forced

2. Arm protection – prevents arm damage if the barrier is hit

3. Arm lock for transport – Locks both sections in one easy movement

4. Compact Wheely Stand – Easy to move around and transport

5)MPPT Solar charge controller – improved charging of the low cost battery for year long use

6. Voltage display – you will always know the battery state and can test for battery condition

7. Manual operation button – hidden for use by those who know when no transmitter to hand

8. New & improved transmitter – 3 colour coded channels and long range

9. Improved antenna – provides reliable range

10. Single Unit 2 widths – 3m single unit up to 6m as a pair

11. Toughened Cabinet – Use of toughened plastic for improved impact absorption

12. Optional Signage – Bespoke with company name, GL6 Standard or Stop Sign

13. Safe – the only gate to come from the side, rather than from above so always in the natural sightline

Additional information

Monthly Hire

3.0m single unit with stand, 6.0m twin pair with stand