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Quad bike gate

Quad bike gate

Quad gate Angus Scotland

A unique combination of features

  • Fast – opens in 3.5 seconds
  • Stand alone – everything the gate needs is contained in the cabinet
  • Built in energiser – unique to DOFYGATE our energiser only produces a shock when touched.
  • Mobile – easy to move when needed
  • Remote control from fob or phone

A single DOFYGATE unit provides an exceptional value quad bike gate.The Quad bike version is 2.3 metres and supplied with 2 or 4 bars and with or without the unique DOFYGATE energiser.

The Quad version can be purchased as a single unit or as a standard pair and split into two then brought back together as suits the circumstances.

Standard package includes the gate, post fittings and fobs, The unique DOFYGATE energiser is added where animal control is required. This unit only provides a shock to an interfering animal when the gate is touched. between times it is in detection mode consuming a fraction of the power needed to dispense am shock.When activated by an animal the unit provides a 4kv shock followed by 2 more 7kv shocks one second apart. The unit then reverts to detection mode. If an animal or anything else remains in contact with the gate then the shock will not reboot preventing unnecessary stress to any animal that cannot remove itself for any reason.


  • 2.3 metre 2 bar
  • 2.3 metre 4 bar
  • 2.3 metre 4 bar with energiser
  • 2.5 metre 2 bar
  • 3.0 metre 2 bar