Remote control for gates and barriers.

Other wireless options available

We have three fob transmitters suitable providing remote control for gates and barriers manufactured by Dofygate. Each one will operate two Dofygates in close proximity independently of one another or any number of Dofygates separated by more than the range of the fob.

The range is quoted as from inside a vehicle. Line of site is 50% furtherFob transmitter for gates and barriers

  • FOB001        Keyring type fob          Range 50m+
  • FOB002        Standard (tough) fob   Range 50m+
  • FOB003        Long Range fob            Range 200m

There are a range of other means of opening the barrier or gate. For more information click here .....

All transmitters work the Wheel-e-Gate, Inst-e-Gate and Beast-e-Gate versions with a simplified means of pairing or un-pairing gate units as required.

A video of the fob in operation is here.....

Remote control for gates and barriers