Accidental contact between a vehicle and pedestrian or employee is a major cause of injury in the work place. Looking only at accidents at work falling from height retains top spot when it comes to fatal or major injuries but transport accidents are second which includes being hit by a vehicle.

Lowering the risk of people and vehicles coming into accidental contact or indeed vehicles doing the same is an important consideration in any assessment. Fork lifts especially but also loading pads in general are an area that features too highly in the section that accounts for vehicle related incidents.

Dofygate can help improve safety by improving traffic control where alternative control solutions may be difficult to employ or prohibitively expensive.

Loading or tipping areas – let the loader or fork lift driver take control of his operating area. Unexpected arrivals or people wandering into an area while a fork lift or shovel is in the process of loading can pose a serious risk. A loader at work is going backwards for 50% of the time.Dofygate provodes a safety barrier he can control and so control his pad.

Enforcing one way system – Without a man or barrier in place then the unknowledgeable delivery driver can easily travel in the wrong and therefore unexpected direction. A simple Dofygate safety barrier on the exit with automatic or button opening on one side only can stop this immediately.

Controlling entry into a work area – Building sites by their very nature have a large number a deliveries that may happen at any time throughout the day. A Dofygate on the entrance can enable the Banksman who may have been stationed there full time to carry out other tasks without compromising his duties at the entrance point itself. On smaller projects that could not justify a full- time man at the entrance the controlling role can fall to one or more other members on site such as in the office cabin or the fork lift driver.