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Suffolk based sheep gate mobile

Sheep gate Cumbria

Sheep exclusion gate

Top picture

Suffolk the gate is on mobile stands as are the radio operating buttons. This allows the sheep to safely graze the drive margins while allowing visitor access. Automatic closing is part of this installation.

Middle picture

Cumbria the gate is allowing campers to pass through a paddock. In this case the sheep were straight off the fell, and the Dofygate was wired to a stronger fence unit as the sheep wwre in full fleece. This can be done if we know it is going to be done.

Bottom picture

Gloucestershire the gate is not keeping sheep in but keeping them out. Stray sheep or general escapes mean gardens can be quickly destroyed. DOFYGATE have solved the worry and the garden is safe but visitors can come and go.

4 bar gate for all sheep but not lambs

7 bar gate for Ewes and lambs

An ideal way to get in and out of a lambing paddock quickly, easily and over and over again without the hassle.