Electric Gates | Automatic Gates


Controlling traffic in and around parks, farms or leisure facilities is made simple. DOFYGATE just needs a post. We supply everything else including adjustable universal fittings (they really do fit on just about anything) that allow the gate to set straight after fixing the unit to the post.

The carbon fibre structure and breakaway clutch means DOFYGATE is designed to absorb impacts and still look good afterwards. Our solar panel is married to a battery that will run the gate for 3 weeks or more in the dark and that is with 10 cycles a day. Designed for year round use and no power supply.

  • Fobs (two provided others can be tuned in at any time)
  • Keypad entry (coupled with button or auto-open exit)
  • Phone entry (call the gate from mobile or landline to open – no call charge)
  • Timed opening (opens for specific times in the day)
  • Intercom (Wireless range of 200m)
  • 2 Bar options below link here
  • 2.5 metres (single unit)
  • 3.0 metres (single unit)
  • 4.6 metres (pair)
  • 5.0 metres (pair)
  • 6.0 metres (pair)
  • 6.6 metres (pair)