A real solar powered barrier or gate

A solar powered barrier or gate needs to run all year and for that to happen power consumption must be very low.  . All our gates have been designed for solar. They look different because they are  Every feature has a reason based on efficiency or resilience.

  • Feature – Carbon fibre arms are strong and lightweight
  • Result – Lower power consumption
  • Feature – The arm folds in half so there is less momentum to control and less weight to lift.
  • Result – Smaller motor
  • Feature – No electrical component is active until called on
  • Result – very low standby power consumption

The solar panel are bespoke 7 watt monocrystaline panel with a tempered glass front mounted in our frame and designed for Dofygate. One sunny hour will produce enough power for 75 up and down cycles. A fully charged battery will carry out over 5000 cycles with no assistance from the solar panel so there is plenty of reserve to get through dull periods.

Solar powered barrier