Solar Powered Gates

DESIGNED FOR SOLAR and not an existing deign with solar added.  More info....

FAST opens in around 3.5 seconds.

IMPACT protection of the arm using a built in breakaway clutch.

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Traffic (click here)

Control access into or around construction sites or prevent unexpected arrivals onto loading or tipping areas. All simply achieved with DOFYGATE.  Remote control puts the site manager or loader driver in charge of access to their working area..

Pedestrian safety at crossing points on busy internal roads in schools or industrial sites is simply and significantly improved. 

Bio Security (click here)

DOFYGATE provides the access control part of a Biosecure area. Simple to install with no wiring and easy to operate.

Hire (click here)

We can hire our barrier out with weighted stands where the need is temporary. There is a choice of covered widths and all barriers are supplied fully assembled.

Animals (click here)

The optional DOFYGATE ENERGISER is designed to provide a shock only when the gate is touched. The carbon fibre bars and carbonised plastic guards carry this deterrent shock to every part of the gate arm.

4 Bar Dofygate
Works area entry control