Following on from recent installations and specifically interest from road projects  we have put together a Dofygate based on the feedback from those customers. The stand has been painted signal yellow (RAL 1003) and the signage is traffic sign grade reflective (Now designated Class 2 and distinct from Engineering Grade reflective now designated Class 1). The stand has been changed to allow the gate and stand to be transported together without separating the two and the wheels are protected. This upgrade is based on the Dofygate Wheelystand.

The new features are set out as follows :-


Traffic control barrier


The Dofygate has been designed for solar from the outset and is not an existing design with a solar panel stuck onto it. Everything outlined below is on top of the standard features of Dofygate. As a reminder of these unique features I have set them out in brief :-

  • Power from a built in solar charged battery so each cabinet is self-contained
  • Impact clutch to allow the barrier arm to breakaway and is simply reset
  • Remote controlled with a full set of opening options
  • Carbon fibre arms providing strength with low weight

More detail on the traffic upgrade


The signage consists of two plates on each arm each being 625mm long with alternate red and white blocks each 150mm high and 208mm long as set out in chapter 8. The total length of signage on each arm is 1.25m which matches chapter 8 requirements. Each sign plate is reflective both sides to traffic sign level being Class 2 reflective.

Both red and white blocks are traffic sign grade reflective.

The Stand

Has been painted RAL 1003 Signal yellow to match the specification for temporary road furniture. A top plate has been added to the weights so that they are held in place if the gate is transported on its side and this also adds to the visibility of the weight block. Similarly the wheels are covered with guards which is primarily to improve the visibility of the wheels at the back of the stand but also to take the weight off the wheels when transported laid down.


It is no longer necessary to separate the barrier from the stand to move. Simply load the gate and stand complete and either lay the barrier down or leave standing with appropriate strapping. It remains an option to separate the stand from the barrier to allow single handed transport in a van or pick up as opposed to a tail lift flat bed. If the barrier and stand are laid down the handle which has been extended takes the weight so the barrier arm is held off the floor or vehicle bed.

The plate now on the weights holds the weights in place as well as adding to visibility. You can see the wheel guards take the weight of the stand when laid down so the wheels cannot roll.

As before moving the gate around site on the Wheelystands is easy. With the gate in the upright position simply lean the stand back and away you go. Once relocated it may be necessary to adjust the level of the barrier arm by loosening and adjusting the ‘adjustable bracket’ with the hex key provided.


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