Electric Gates | Automatic Gates


DOFYGATE requires no external power source using instead a solar panel and battery incorporated into each unit for year round use. No need to lay cables or provide a wiring point.

DOFYGATE opens in around 3.5 seconds so there is no hold up for authorised users and with the automatic closing option and a full range of options there is a set up to suit all situations.


DOFYGATE controls access into work areas without hampering the day to day work of management and staff. 

Bio Security

DOFYGATE significantly increases the bio-security of ANY premise. The gate is easy to use, quick and closes automatically, ensuring a fully-controlled and safe site.


Preventing unexpected arrivals in to loading and tipping areas creates danger for other vehicles, operators and staff. A DOFYGATE puts the fork lift or loader driver in control of their area. Pedestrian safety at crossing points on busy internal roads is improved with a DOFYGATE.


The DOFYGATE ENERGISER is innovatively designed to provide a shock when the gate is touched. The carbon fibre bars and carbonised plastic guards carry an electric shock to every part of the gate arm.

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