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We are getting there

After a very frustrating couple of months we are back on track. In order to deliver a unit that will fit within our price targets and provide a greater range of deterrent pulses it has been necessary to rethink how some parts are sourced. while these sources are still UK based they are larger concerns than those we were dealing with previously.

The testing program has been succesful and has provided a great deal of information.The sites have varied from a dairy cubicle passage to a field gate on the broads marshes. In the latter case Dofygate replaced a standard metal gate destroyed by a bull running with a suckler herd and a strong desire to spread his attentions to a second herd 2 fields over. Dofygate contained the bull.

Another site on a dairy farm included a shed containing heiffers just off the meadows and an outside calving area. In both circumstances Dofygate performed well and the ease of entry and exit was fully appreciated.