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We are now an exporter

2 * 6.0m Dofygates each covering 6.0m complete with automatic closing and telephone opening packed and delivered into a container with other equipment the major part of which is a muck spreader from GT Bunnings.

The importer is Atlas Agriculture http://atlastrailers.co.nz/ set up by one Robert Pooler who immigrated to New Zealand some 20 years ago. He has developed from being a contractor doing the occasional import of UK machinery to importing 100 containers a year. I don’t think Dofygate will ever fill one of them but we could well be part of several.

The DG2 version of our gate allows the arm to separated from the cabinet chassis and easily put back in place. The Auto close requires the attachment of three colour coded wires and there you go.

The picture shows the two gates, being 4 gate units packed and ready for delivery

Robert Pooler started his working career at Manor Farm Calthorpe dealing with the irrigation. It was by far the easiest irrigation season I have ever experienced but his ambitions were elsewhere and having worked here on and off for a while Robert was off chasing those ambitions. It took him about as far away as it is possible to get but he has certainly done an incredible job from very little in terms of financial resources to start with.