What is unique about Wheelygate

Dofygate has taken the mobile aspect of our unique traffic control barrier and moved it on. Our weighted stand intended for situations where the need for traffic control was temporary or where it was inconvenient to fix a post now has wheels. The unit is moved without separating the gate unit from its stand and moved easily. The video below demonstrates just how easily it is to set the gate up.

  • Solar battery power so no wires required
  • Remote control from 50m with standard fobs
  • Impact protection
  • Mobile - relocated in minutes
  • Simply turn unit on and it works
  • Supplied fully assembled and ready to control traffic

The Wheelygate was developed primarily for construction sites but has also been taken up where there is an immediate requirement to control traffic but the precise location is not known or may move periodically. This option also removes the need to dig holes or install fixings into hard surfaces.

Impact protection

The impact protection clutch is the same as the standard barrier and protects the arm against vehicle impact. Simply pull the arm back into place and access control is back in place. The carbon fibre arms are extremely strong and do not bend so the look of the gate is not harmed buy the occasional accident.

The Cost

The Dofygate system is designed by us and assembled here from parts manufactured to our specification by UK based machinists. The electrical control has been developed for maximum efficiency and the PCB manufactured locally. We back our product and take pride in the level of service we offer.


Polypipe loading and unloading area access control




Where Wheelygate is being used now

  • Construction sites - controlling access onto site
  • Demolition and land reclamation sites - controlling access onto site
  • Waste recycling sites - loader driver controls access into his working area
  • Distribution facilities - preventing access onto loading areas
  • Weighbridges to control entry and speed of entry