Our Mission

Dofygate’s mission is to provide Safe, Solar, Mobile, Tough electric barriers for traffic management, to a range of industries including Construction, Recycling & Waste Management and Agriculture. We strive to develop innovative products that bring control, with the safe movement of vehicles & pedestrians.

Dofygate – Safe Move.










Dofygate Timeline



Dofygate 3 represents over 11 years of development; the latest model builds on the success & exposure of previous models. Designed for solar with the aim being to allow the fast deployment of a remote controlled barrier for traffic management, creating safe working environments.

The original objective which set the design of a Dofygate came from the basic problem of safely getting into and out of a yard full of cattle on your own and without the animals escaping. The difficulty results in a second person on hand to hold the stock back as you pass through or various bespoke setups, often unique to a particular yard and door, to assist. DOFYGATE was designed to change that by being as secure and reliable as a standard farm gate but allowing automated access. The design parameters set at the time were fast (shut before animals escaped), Mobile (move between yards and fields), Self contained (No power available) and always within the sight line of an animal) and to work after driven into (on a busy Sunday morning it is no time to be left without a barrier). These design conditions were subsequently found to be perfect in many other situations though without the electric shock used to energise the carbon fibre bars for animal control.


Dofygate folds in half so the action is inwards rather than from above. The consequence is that it is always within sight of a passing pedestrian or approaching driver. This action also allows a smaller motor to operate the gate as there is less inertia to overcome to get the arm moving and less momentum to control once it is.

Unlike other barriers or gates Dofygate has been designed for a solar panel rather than putting a solar panel on an existing design. The units are self contained so can be put anywhere, requiring a limited amount of sunshine to keep working. The original idea was to be able to move between field and yard so it also means it is easily re-located as a site changes or develops.

Dofygate was designed to absorb impacts and keep working which is achieved through a clutch that allows the arm to move away from serious impact that might otherwise break the barrier arm.

Over the years there have been multiple bar and width options, however, we now tend to focus on the 3m 2 bar Dofygate 3 as this is the most suitable barrier for the majority of situations. We have kept various wireless opening options available from intercom and telephone opening to RFID fob, keypad and auto-opening – all with automatic close. Dofygate can integrate with 3rd party systems including ANPR and even traffic lights.

Development is continuous and from our own invention, combined with feedback from our customers we continue to improve our product. We have exciting new product launches planned for the very near future so watch this space.

Meet the Team

  • Jim Alston

    Jim Alston

    Managing Director

    Jim Alston farms at Calthorpe, Norfolk and has responsibility for running Calibre Farming Ltd, which also contract farms two other holdings. (Calthorpe 650 acres with 85 acres of grass supporting an Angus-based suckler herd run in conjunction with a neighbour. Calibre Farming manages 1300 acres of cereals and sugar beet).

    Jim served on the board of agricultural purchasing group Anglia Farmers (AF) for eight years, having previously chaired Loddon Farmers, which merged with Mid-Norfolk Farmers to create AF. He has also been a director of Aylsham Growers and Alysham Grain Marketing. Jim has been responsible for the AF Ag-inflation index, which is a key benchmark of inflation in the agricultural industry.

  • Oliver Chastney

    Oliver Chastney

    Design Director

    Oliver was chief development engineer for Autowrappers Limited before starting his own engineering design business, which worked with manufacturing companies at the forefront of innovation within an international marketplace. After selling his engineering businesses in 1995 he remained as a consultant for two years. He then became special engineering projects director for GEI plc, an international group of specialist engineering companies. Although semi-retired, he remains closely involved with the engineering sector, including Hethel Engineering Centre.

  • Michael (Mick) Groome

    Michael (Mick) Groome


    Mick has a long history in the motor trade as an engineer and joined us in the summer (2017). Mick has brought an eye for detail and the ability to simplify processes and mechanical sFystems. Since Mick joined the Dofygate he has become an invaluable part of our continuous quest for improvement. Mick lives just 3 miles away from the office and assembly workshop and is always on hand when needed.

    Apart from Dofygate Mick’s main interest lies in shooting both game and clay pigeon and is an important member of the local clay pigeon club.

  • Flora Whitehead

    Flora Whitehead


    Flora originally did some part time work for us and in September 2021 was taken on as an apprentice gaining Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications in lean manufacturing and currently looking at progressing on to level 3. Flora lives locally cycling to work in most weathers and has an interest in playing the electric guitar, with a preference for the heavier side of Rock. Having taken on the apprenticeship with enthusiasm passing with flying colours Flora is able to assemble every part of the barrier with a high level of accuracy and comes up with original thoughts on product development which we are pleased to encourage.

  • Tillie May-Grayling

    Tillie May-Grayling

    Administrator & Assembly

    Tillie joined us in May 2023 on a part time basis to assist with office duties with the intention to starting an apprenticeship early next year. Tillie lives in the neighbouring village with husband and their 2 young children and leads the active and time-consuming life of young people with pre-school children.

  • Robert (Skip) Donaldson

    Robert (Skip) Donaldson


    Skip is based in Erpingham and his own business RKD Engineering. Prior to becoming heavily involved with the Dofygate project Skip has been involved in building telescope mounting and control systems. Precision one off engineering with turning and milling machines that can produce accurate parts to drawings supplied. Despite being Australian Skip is not particularly interested in Rugby which rather spoils it when we beat them. Skip is involved with the North Norfolk Railway based at Sheringham and is a qualified steam engine driver. His ability to produce accurate reverse engineered parts for this historic machinery is a real benefit to a railway run by volunteers.

  • Ben Mason

    Ben Mason

    Special Projects

    Ben puts together development ideas for new projects and matching the Dofygate barrier to special situations. Ben’s family have recently acquired an interest in horses which are stabled near by. In this instance it would be fair to say it is the daughters project and Ben is the assistant. An engineer with many years of experience in the motor trade Ben makes the projects work.

  • John-alston-profile-photo

    John Alston

    Sales & Marketing Manager

    John joined us in 2023 part time, to assist with the relaunch of our website. He has since been tasked with developing new and existing markets, to help bring more awareness to what we do and ultimately get more units on site. This will also involve reviewing, improving and maintaining internal systems and processes. His background is Management within the fashion industry and he looks to bring his experience to the development of the company and brand.

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