Last Updated 10th November 2023

If the gate fails for any reason other than a low battery or externally inflicted damage to the cabinet within 12 months then Dofygate will repair or supply a replacement gate free of charge. If it is necessary to replace the gate then Dofygate will organise delivery of the replacement and collection of the return. The option of replacement or repair will be determined by Dofygate Ltd.

If you are not satisfied with the performance of the gate within 30 days then the gate may be returned and Dofygate Ltd will refund the cost of the gate less the cost of any external damage. The repair of any external damage will be charged on a parts cost only basis.

This warranty is in place automatically and attributed to the purchaser and the location to which the Dofygate is delivered. If either is different then it will be necessary to register this with Dofygate Ltd within 30 days of delivery.

All parts and accessories supplied by Dofygate with the original purchase or subsequently are covered by this guarantee if those parts or accessories are fitted by Dofygate or you in accordance with the instructions. The purchase and fitting of any part does not affect the length of the warranty on the original purchase.

For all service enquiries including those connected with this warranty please contact Dofygate Ltd, Manor Farm, Calthorpe, Norwich NR11 7QR. Please look at the website prior to making contact under the terms and conditions section as this will provide current information on the service arrangements.