Partnerships that Deliver

Our partners are some of the most respected companies around & they work with us to deliver our product to specialist markets. We work closely with them, to develop our product to their customers’ needs, providing a unique offering that is fit for purpose. Our knowledge of design & manufacturing, combined with their market knowledge and experience, creates a strong & long-lasting partnership that delivers.


Hardstaff Barriers

Target Sector: Road & Infrastructure

Branding: SentriGate

Who are Hardstaff?: Hardstaff Barriers is part of the Hill & Smith Infrastructure Ltd, a market leader in Vehicle Restraint Systems (VRS) and Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM). Their solutions are adaptable for a range of industries, including aviation, nuclear, utilities, transport, construction and events, keeping people and property safe.

Dofygate partnered with Hardstaff Barriers in 2020 to target primarily new road projects under the brand name SentriGate. There is also unique product development in the way of interchangeable bases that connect to Hardstaff Barrier products for use in various configurations.

So, not only can you source the standard freestanding wheeled base, but bases designed to connect SentriGate to MASS Barriers, ZONEGUARD & MULTIBLOC


SentriGate – Portable Solar Powered Gate for Access Control

Visit the SentriGate page on Hardstaff Barriers to learn more.