• Biosecurity and Traffic Control for Sensitive Sites

    It is simple enough to fence an area where bio-security is an essential part of the business but it is not so simple to control traffic entering the bio-secure area.

  • Designed for Solar

    Dofygates have been designed for a solar panel and are not an existing design with solar added.

  • Unlocking Lockdown

    Unlocking lockdown to move towards the new normal is likely to include a different way of managing movement of vehicles and customers into and around a premises.

  • Education Business

    Controlling traffic in schools. Staff parking, safe crossing points, biosecurity, safe areas.

  • The Updated Traffic Version of Dofygate

    Following on from recent installations and specifically interest from road projects we have put together a Dofygate based on the feedback from those customers.

  • Wheelygate


    Dofygate has taken the mobile aspect of our unique traffic control barrier and moved it on. Our weighted stand intended for situations where the need for traffic control was temporary or where it was inconvenient to fix a post now has wheels.

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