Here When Needed

When it comes to supporting you and your Dofygate units we like to keep things simple. You will find many useful videos and documents here to assist with the setup, maintenance and even repair. However, we are just a phone call away should you need assistance. If we cannot resolve your issue remotely we operate a pallet swap-out service and will have a replacement for you within 48 hours.

Service Videos & Useful Downloads

  • Dofygate 3 Setup Guide

  • Battery Information

  • Pairing Transmitter

  • Dofygate Service Flow Chart

    Please download our useful Service Flowchart to assist with troubleshooting.

  • Packing Pallet DG with Stands
  • Dofygate 3 Brochure
  • Traffic Light Link
  • Auto Wash Activated Barrier


Please note that our barriers are designed to work all year from solar alone, however, if very dull periods are experienced for a long period of time the battery may need charging. Over time a battery can deteriorate and need replacing.

Check the battery – charge or exchange if necessary.
This also be a low battery to the barrier or remote, dirty or damaged sensor. Charge or exchange the battery; if this does not work then give us a call.
This could be a low battery, loose mounting, damaged fob or cabinet button. Any issues, please give us a call.
Low fob battery, water damaged fob or damaged cabinet button – change the fob battery and for the cabinet button contact us.
Check that the cable is in place. If it is then adjust the barrier and if not then replace the cable.
Replace the damaged battery.

Download Instructions

  • Basic Operating Instructions DG3
  • Changing Battery
  • Resetting Gate and Tuning in All Fobs
  • Tuning in Procedure
  • Keypad Instructions
  • Changing SIM Card
  • Intercom Keypad Code Change
  • Intercom with Gate Based Caller Instruction Sheet
  • Tuning in Fixed Radio Button
  • Tuning in Phone Unit DG1
  • Timer Operating Instruction