Designed for solar


Mobile self contained electric gate or barrier

HIRE or Purchase

Construction sites and road projects

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2, 4 or 7 bar electric gate or barrier

Access control anywhere

Biosecurity, working areas and parking areas

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An electric gate for remote controlled access

Contain Dogs, Cattle, Sheep & park animals

Exclude Dogs, Badgers and Otters

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bio security for poultry unit

Biosecurity and traffic control for sensitive sites

By Jim | 3rd March 2021

Improving Biosecurity with Dofygate It is simple enough to fence an area where bio-security is an essential part of the business but it is not so simple to control traffic entering the bio-secure area. Those authorised to enter the secure area fall into one of the following groups. Livestock managersFeed vehiclesVetinary personsAdvisorsMaintenance – company employeesMaintenance…

Bar Writtle

Designed for Solar

By Jim | 3rd March 2021

Dofygates have been designed for a solar panel and are not an existing design with solar added

Unlocking a site at Breedon Concrete

Getting back to work

By Jim | 19th May 2020

Getting back to work When it comes to getting back to work the fact the EU, well Germany and France have announced a package of measures amounting to £453 billion is significant bearing in mind the stance previously taken by Germany. Since much of this is to be provided by way of grants rather than…

Inst-e-Gate unlocking lockdown

Unlocking Garden Centres

By Jim | 11th May 2020

Garden centres open for business Following the speech from Boris Johnson on Sunday it seems Garden Centres can at last open after 2 months of trying to move stock through  completely different routes to those they geared themselves up for. Covid 19 is very likely to have an influence on how shops, garden centres or…

Unlocking Lockdown

Information on how to unlock

By Jim | 11th May 2020

Links, advice and comment Dofygate have set out some links to provide information on how to unlock or that may assist in formulating your plan to do so. We have designed and manufacture a means of controlling traffic and people in and around work and trading areas that require no power but can be operated…

Unlocking a site at Breedon Concrete

Unlocking Lockdown

By Jim | 4th May 2020

Mobile remote controlled, self-contained barrier for use anywhere Unlocking lockdown to move towards the new normal is likely to include a different way of managing movement of vehicles and customers into and around a premises. The use of a Wheel-e-Gate can make this easier and more efficient while maintaining staff confidence and safety. Wheel-e-Gate may…

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