Designed for solar


Mobile self contained electric gate or barrier

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Construction sites and road projects

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2, 4 or 7 bar electric gate or barrier

Access control anywhere

Biosecurity, working areas and parking areas

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An electric gate for remote controlled access

Contain Dogs, Cattle, Sheep & park animals

Exclude Dogs, Badgers and Otters

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Unlocking a site at Breedon Concrete

Getting back to work

Getting back to work When it comes to getting back to work the fact the EU, well Germany and France have announced a package of measures amounting to ...
Inst-e-Gate unlocking lockdown

Unlocking Garden Centres

Garden centres open for business Following the speech from Boris Johnson on Sunday it seems Garden Centres can at last open after 2 months of trying to move ...
Unlocking Lockdown

Information on how to unlock

Links, advice and comment Dofygate have set out some links to provide information on how to unlock or that may assist in formulating your plan to do so. ...
Unlocking a site at Breedon Concrete

Unlocking Lockdown

Mobile remote controlled, self-contained barrier for use anywhere Unlocking lockdown to move towards the new normal is likely to include a different way of managing movement of vehicles ...
Traffic Barrier Dofygate


What is unique about Wheel-e-gate Dofygate has taken the mobile aspect of our unique traffic control barrier and moved it on. Our weighted stand intended for situations where ...
School crossing

Education Business

A Dofygate is a barrier designed for solar power rather than a solar panel placed on an existing design. We provide wireless traffic (or people) control without the ...

                    Client Testimonials


"The Dofygate system we spotted at the London Excel expo where we meet Jim and were introduced to the gate system. At the time we were experiencing issues of vehicles coming very close to colleagues offloading lorries so were thought we would trail the gate system.

This Dofygate system has massively improved the safety on site and now we have the ability to stop vehicles by the Dofygate system whilst offloading takes place.

This process is still in place and currently working well and does not require any changes. The everyday use of the gate system is fantastic as it does not need to run of mains electricity as its solar powered and is charged by natural sunlight.

This gives us the ability to move the gate too if required as its not fixed to the ground as it sits on a stand. The gate has been 100% reliable to us and currently a good buy as we have now added a pair in our pick yard to only allow access of MHE and pedestrian separation.

Currently I have no bad word to say about the system as the Dofygate has helped improve our safety on site and for the cost of the system is a massive winner for us".

“A true fantastic system which can be used in any industry due to the nature of it, Great investment and I am positive we will be purchasing again in the near future”.


Payne Crop Nutrition

“We needed something to control access to the entrance to our fertilizer shed to stop delivery drivers walking into the shed when we had machinery moving about in there”.

“The Dofygate solved the problem by restricting access to the drivers but also allowed the machine driver easy access in and out of the shed when required. The fobs are great as the machine driver can open and close the barriers from the cab”.

Payne Crop Nutrition

Vicky Spink

"We were looking for a solution to Traffic Management within a very busy Transfer Station, we were limited in terms of installing an electrically powered gate and also needed to avoid the requirement of a person to manually operate the barrier.  After looking at a number of options we decided to have a Dofygate installed.  The delivery and installation were both very quick and we found the product to be ideal for our needs – not only does it remove the requirement to have a person in place to operate but it also allowed for us to move it and reposition as necessary so it was very versatile".

"In terms of H&S; whilst the gate itself is very lightweight and would not stop a vehicle from driving through, it has been incredibly effective in controlling the movement of vehicles on site and as such we invested in a second gate elsewhere in the depot to further improve our Traffic Management".

FCC Waterdale Transport Manager

Nick Breeze

“We installed the DOFYGATE six months ago to stop the public from wandering or even driving into the workshop instead of going to reception. The public are safer and so are we. It does exactly what we wanted with no problems and no extra costs.”  

TyreTech24, Aylsham

Ross Johnson, Branch Manager

"We have used a Dofygate to stop customers wandering into the workshop areas of our site. The gate is operated by our store man from his office or our van based technicians and regular delivery drivers using their mobile phones."

Ernest Doe, Wymondham

David Norton

"We operate a robotic milking system that requires 24 hour access by the cows. The location of our pastures means the cow walkway needs to cross a part of the yard that the main farm traffic uses. The installation of 2 standard Dofygates has considerably improved the situation. Crossing the walkway is as easy as pushing a button in the cab and driving through. The gates operate so quickly we hardly need to slow down. The four fobs supplied are more than adequate for our farm vehicles and should a fob not be available the gates can be opened using the button on top of the cabinet. We are very pleased and find it difficult to consider going back to opening gates by hand."

J Norton and Sons, Frettenham, Norfolk

Giles Crisp

"Just to let you know how extremely pleased we are with your electric gates. We have a herd of Red Poll cattle and your invention has made routine tasks quicker and a lot more convenient by removing the tedium of starting and stopping the vehicle to get off to open and shut field gates. Simple to operate and hassle free; I would have them all over the farm if I could."

Uggeshall Farms, Beccles, Suffolk

Richard Milligan

"For smooth access these are a must have set of innovative gates/barriers, we installed them on a new road to stop the cattle damaging the road and visitors, delivery vans and lorries can all use the buttons' with ease in terms of opening and shutting the gates/barriers. The fobs are great for operating them at speed you hardly have to slow down, and they are so cool in the way the work. In addition you can move them as they are solar energised and finally the cattle respect them."

Manby Manby Farms Ltd, Thorganby Hall, Lincolnshire

David Alston

"We needed something to control delivery drivers during the working day as they tended to drive too quickly past an area children were using. The Dofygate has solved the problem as we can either use half the gate to allow pedestrians easy access but stop delivery drivers or the whole gate when the center is shut."

Alby Craft Center, Alby, Norwich

Robert Witham

"This gate saves me time every day. it is containing the Simmentals at grass and the Angus, that have just been brought in, in a yard. Checking, feeding and strawing out is now so much easier and I can do this on my own."

Thwaite Common

Norman Wyatt

“Controlling access into the yard which has commercially let units as well as the farm. The gate also acts as a back stop for any escaped animals which may otherwise find their way on to a very busy road”.

“Very pleased with the gate. After a few teething problems, which Jim has been always very helpful through, it now stops all unwanted vehicles and we get many positive comments”.

Norman Wyatt 

HT Squires and Son

“Our problem was “uninvited guests” from no fixed addresses driving into the yard to offer advise on removing scrap or following up fictitious advertisements for kittens or puppies and even to fill their transits with the complimentary fuel! Getting on and off tractors to open and close traditional gates particularly at harvest when the can be as many as 100 movements a day was tiring and time consuming. We chose the Dofygate because of its speed of operation, and ease of installation not requiring mains power etc. We have not had one uninvited guest get in the yard since it’s installation, the only downside is it isn’t a security gate and we still have to manually close and lock the main gate everyday”.

“Effective elimination of uninvited drive ins “

HT Squires and Son