Controlling access into a property or area within a property is often not as straightforward as it first appears. A 5 bar wooden gate or wrought iron double leaf gate may look wonderful as a driveway gate but opening and closing them twice every time you enter or leave the property in a vehicle can be a chore. Fitting remote controlled actuators to allow this remotely is an option but the weight of such gates seriously limits the operating speed causing frustration that can lead to impact damage to the mechanism.

The wiring required to run such a system can add considerably to the cost. The cost of a trench to lay the cable in and then re-lay any surface that has been dug up, the control panel at the supply and gate end and the electrician to join it all up.

  • Dofygate solves the driveway gate problem by
  • A lightweight design based on carbon fibre
  • Impact clutch allowing the gate arm to move away from an impact with no damage to the arm
  • Solar charged battery running a very efficient motor control unit.

We would agree that our gate is not conventional in appearance but once you have used it a few times then you will appreciate the speed it operates at. You will also appreciate the cost of our gate is the cost of the installation complete. Everything the gate needs to run is in the cabinet.

The extra bars of our Driveway Gates are arranged to provide a more conventional gate like look and when opened these extra bars tuck themselves out of the way maintaining the full width of the roadway.

Control of the gate can be provided by

  • Remote control fob
  • Phone call
  • Keypad
  • Intercom
  • Automatic opening