Electric Gates | Automatic Gates


Controlling access into working areas is an important part of site safety management. A 2 Bar DOFYGATE with remote control fobs on temporary stands is easy to install with immediate effect. The impact clutch protects the gate from damage by accidental vehicle impacts.

Building sites - Unexpected arrivals onto a site where there is a mix of specialist vehicles, builders and uneven surfaces can cause accidents and injury. DOFYGATE puts access control in the hands of the site foreman or other responsible person without tying them to the entrance.

Loading or tipping areas – Arrivals driving into an area where a fork lift or loading shovel is working can cause time consuming incidents as well as putting drivers at risk. Placing control of the access point in the hands of the fork lift or loading shovel driver place the operator in charge of his working area.

Pedestrian safety – crossing points on busy internal roads are made safer with DOFYGATE. The gate is used to bring an approaching vehicle to a stop or the pedestrian is in charge and the gate works in reverse. so the pedestrian closes the gate prior to crossing.

  • Fobs (two provided others can be tuned in at any time)
  • Keypad entry (coupled with button or auto-open exit)
  • Phone entry (call the gate from mobile or landline to open – no call charge)
  • Timed opening (opens for specific times in the day)
  • Intercom (Wireless range of 200m)
  • 2 Bar options
  • 2.5 metres (single unit)
  • 3.0 metres (single unit)
  • 4.6 metres (pair)
  • 5.0 metres (pair)
  • 6.0 metres (pair)