We have the answer for any traffic control requirement

Mobile traffic barrier - The ultimate in mobility with the Wheel-e-Gate

Mobile traffic barrier

Fixed position barrier - Cost effective traffic control with the Inst-e-Gate

The compact efficient design has created a cost effective traffic barrier for use in construction or road projects as well as traffic control around yards.  There are no other costs to either the Wheel-e-Gate or Inst-e-Gate because everything it needs to run built in. Remote control fobs are provided with every barrier and other opening options are available.

Road standard visibility matching Chapter 8 requirements is available where that is required. Our standard marker plates provide a high level of visibility in all conditions.

The Wheel-e-Gate comes complete and takes minutes to put into action - no extra costs, everything is provided. The ultimate mobile traffic barrier. For hire options click here...

The Inst-e-Gate comes with everything it needs. There are no extra costs normally required to provide power or communication wiring.

Mobile traffic barrier