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A means of safely closing the gate following opening by phone or keypad is needed. The Dofygate auto close system uses IR sensors to keep the gate open until the gateway is clear.

  • One sensor per gate unit
  • Either sensor will keep both gate units open
  • No wiring between gates
  • Power taken from gate unit but only during the closing procedure
  • Allows long vehicles to pass through safely



Automatic gate or barrier system

For an automatic gate or barrier to work safely some means of preventing inapprporiate closure is necessary.

When a sensor is connected to the Dofygate the gate detects its presence and shifts into automatic closing mode. When the gate is down the sensor is inactive to keep power use low. Hence the sensor only becomes active when the gate is up. At this point the sensor turns on, waits for 3 seconds and looks for 5 seconds. If during that 5 seconds nothing is seen obstructing the gateway then the gate will close. If something is seen by the sensor the gate remains open. Similarly if closing has started it will reverse to the fully open position. In either circumstance the closing cycle restarts.

The gates communicate with each other and each gate unit has a sensor. If either sensor detects a passing vehicle then both gates will remain open.

The diffuse sensor can be fitted to a Wheel-e-Gate up to 4.6m. For Inst-e-Gates auto close can be fitted on all versions.

There are two types of sensor

  1. Diffuse IR – is used on all gates covering less than 5.0m. Diffuse IR needs no reflector so is much easier to set up and less likely to cause problems of getting knocked out of line. Also this sensor is less prone to problems in freezing conditions. Each sensor has a range of 2.5m so the pair of sensors covers the gateway. If there is an obstruction then reflection from that obstruction is picked up and activates the sensor.
  2. Reflective IR – is the usual sensor for these applications and we use this version for wider gateways. It fits in the same way as the diffuse and sends a beam from one gate post to the other. So if the beam is broken the sensor is activated. The range is up to 8.0 metres between the sensor and reflector. It is important that the sensor is protected from any accidental knocks.

More information on the sensors we use can be found on the Pepper + Fuchs website here


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