Auto Open

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  • Opens gate when activated
  • Needs auto close
  • Power from gate unit or independent solar battery unit
  • Sensitivity can be adjusted
  • Requires a post or wall


How it works

The auto open unit sits about 3m away from the gate on a post and about 750mm off the ground. If the sensor detects a vehicle then it activates a radio that sends an open signal to the gate units.

The sensor is controlled by a Dofygate circuit board that flashes the sensor for 0.2 of a second every second. This results in a lower power consumption and stops false openings. Also it brings vehicles to stop which is an advantage in many circumstances. The speed of the flash and hence the response speed can be changed using jumpers on the control board.

Uses and benefits

  • In conjunction with keypad entry, auto open manages the exit
  • As part of one way system or an exit only passage by only operating on one side
  • Does not require the gateway to be dug up as with an induction loop used in car parks
  • Takes its power from the gate unit or an associated solar battery pack

There are two sensors available

  1. Diffuse IR has a range of over 3.0m for light coloured vehicles but only 1.5m for black vehicles. It does not require a reflector so setting up simply requires the sensor to point across the drive. It is less prone to extreme weather when compared to the reflective sensor. In situations where drivers of dark vehicles may be unacquainted with sensor in wide gateways this sensor may miss the vehicle.
  2. Reflective IR has a range of 8m and anything breaking the beam in that space opens the gate. Suitable for wide gateways but can cause the gate to stay up in extreme cold weather conditions. Vehicle type and colour does not affect this sensor.

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Diffuse IR, Reflective IR